Faigy is our youngest, so we had many experiences with schools around the world. We were especially impressed by how Beis Chana staff was so involved and cared about every detail of our daughter’s school experience. They got the best out of her by showering her with love and positive constructive comments.
Sara Pinson
Shlucha in Nice, France

I am really happy here. Everything here is alive, has a real sense of family, and staff are always ready to help me. It is also an amazing experience learning in Israel!

Chassidishkeit is maximized here. Shlichus is encouraged by Beis Chana, and I have gained tools I can use as a shlucha or to become a teacher – which is what I hope to become.

Chayale Raices

a student from Postville, IA

When I am helping my parents on Shlichus, I have to set an example—to give and do a lot. I don’t have much of an opportunity to learn or acquire important concepts. The Chassidishe atmosphere of the school has empowered me, and the mivtzoyim I do through school taught me a lot of new skills I can use back home. The teachers here are also phenomenal role models for me.

Moussia Ben Shushan

a student from Courbevoie, France

Although my daughter is far, I feel she is very well looked after. Naale students are split into small groups with their own dorm counselors. They hold a nightly meeting, so they keep tabs on what is happening with my daughter and her friends. Likewise, I get a genuine sense that her teachers know who she really is and care deeply about her. I am relaxed that my daughter’s gashmius and ruchnius needs are taken care of.

Rochi Levitansky

Shlucha in Sumy, Ukraine