Dearest Parents!
The Rosh Hashana of Chassidus arrived, though the atmosphere here was charged and ready from Yud Kislev. The madrichot led the students in the הכנה activities, starting with a play put on in cooרdination with Naale sophomores (!). Every floor of the dorm received the name of a certain Chossid, about whom they studied for a week. Those that put in the most research won an especially ‘wow’ farbrengen.
י”ט כסלו: The school building was decorated in the morning, and the entire school davened together in the auditorium. After this, everyone went to the Yigal Alon performance hall in town which was rented out for the day’s celebrations. Every grade performed a dance they had prepared. The grand finale was the raffle drawing for students participating in the Tanya Mivtzah. One of the winners of the raffle – an all expense paid trip to Haditch – was Naale’s Shterna Sorah Nemoy! The evening activity was a farbrengen for the freshman & sophomores, and a separate one for the juniors and seniors.
שבת פרשת וישב: The Shabbos guest speaker was the famous Chabad actor, R’ Michael Veigel! All the students were very excited about his Friday night farbrengen and were on their best behavior. The new week commenced with high school and dorm Chanukah parties. Little by little, many Naale girls went back home to their families, followed by the Israeli dormies. But only then, the real fun started….
חנוכה: First of all, thank you Naale seniors for the non-stop programming you made for all of us! And thank you Bassie and Zelda for all the cool and unforgettable trips!
ערב יום א’ חנוכה: Jeep trip! This was followed by Rabbi Raskin’s menorah lighting, and the night activity that the seniors prepared for everyone around the theme ‘Family Day’, together with our Naale Mishpacha here in Tzfas.
יום א’ חנוכה: We went on an emotional tour of the historic Akko prison. Don’t forget to look at the photo we took on the Akko coast! Menorah lighting was at Nechama Dina Kaye’s home. She went all out with enough food to feed us for a month! Today’s senior organized program was themed around ‘Mystery Day’ – so creative!
יום ב’ חנוכה: Bike trip! The Gruzman Family came to light menorah with us, and we celebrated with them on their wedding anniversary! Tonight’s night program theme was ‘Cafeteria Day’ – I said creative, right?!
יום ג’ חנוכה: We went to Tiveria Ir HaKodesh for Shabbos. We davened Kabbolos Shabbos on the promenade alongside the Kinneret. The night seudah was spent with the Shpringer Family, and before we all crashed from exhaustion, we managed to play games that the juniors prepared.
יום ד’ חנוכה: Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim was followed by a short and pleasant day. Maariv was davened at the kever of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess. Rabbi Shpringer lit menorah for us, and then we continued our fun back at the Tzfas dorm.
יום ה’ חנוכה: We had an amazing trip to ‘Mini Israel’, after which we were bused to Bnei Brak from where each student continued on her own to her host family for the remainder of Chanukah vacation (till Wednesday).
Post חנוכה: Little by little, the Naale students returned from Chanukah break, and regular studies resumed on Thursday morning. שבת פרשת ויגש was a dorm Shabbos. The guest speaker was Rabbi Merantz who shared much of the history and meaning of ה’ טבת. We also celebrated the דידן נצח of Rabbi Rubashkin. מזל טוב!
Did you Know?
“בא נרד לעיר” Let’s go to town…
“העיר” ‘town’ – Whenever a dormie wants to go out to buy felafel, purchase something, or ‘get out a bit’ with her friends, she literally has to climb down the mountain….This is because Beis Chana is on top of a mountain, and it’s a fairly steep walk down to get to town. 
‘The town’ is comprised of one circuitous street called “Yerushalayim Street’, and has clothing stores, gift shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, bookstores and school supplies, etc. What do the Naale girls like best of all to buy? —- Gifts for their families back home!
Happy two-weeks!
Devorah Schimmel & Rivky Zaklos
Important Announcements!
*Beis Chana believes that meeting in person is very important! Therefore, one or two staff members will be travelling to NY for the Chof Beis Shvat Convention in order to meet you. It wonderful to meet each mother individually, and we will also be holding a general PTA for all mothers. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and let us know if you will be at the Kinus so we can plan accordingly.
* Pesach vacation is not long off. Please investigate tickets now. We will not be able to extend the vacation even if you find a cheap ticket – unless you ask for permission at least two months in advance, and the difference in price for a day is very significant. We highly recommend that students flying to the same location do so together as this will make transportation to and from the airport much easier. Please send us your Pesach travel itinerary as soon as you have it.
Kol tuv,
Zelda and Bassie