Life in Beis Chana

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Daily Schedule in Our (Beis Chana) Home

7:00 Wake Up!

  • Each madricha wakes up her students
  • Get ready and straighten up room
  • Dorm rooms are locked during school hours, so take what you need now

7:35 – Exit Dorm to Dining Hall

  • Breakfast
  • Make sandwich for school

7:55 Exit Dining Hall to Classrooms

7:55-13:45 School

13:45 Lunch in Dining Hall

14:30-16:00 School

16:00-19:00 Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

  • 17:00 The madrichot give out fruit
  • Cellphones are distributed
  • Club time! (baking, computers etc.)
  • Time to chill
  • Homework time
  • Shopping and errands

19:00-19:45 Supper in the Dining Hall

20:00-22:00 Night Activities

  • Art, Pilates, music and other clubs
  • Farbrengens on Chassidic dates
  • Birthday parties
  • Various dorm programs
  • Prepping for bedtime and the next day

 Goodnight Meeting

  • This is when each group meets together with their madricha for a family style get-together.
  • Kriyas Shema together
  • 9th grade – 9:30
  • 10th grade – 10:00
  • 11th grade – 10:30
  • 12th grade – 11:00

Lights Out

  • 9th grade – 10:00
  • 10th grade – 10:30
  • 11th grade – 11:00
  • 12th grade – 11:00 1st semester (11:30 2nd semester)

לילה טוב וחלומות חסידים!

Shabbos Schedule

  • Every Shabbos in the dorm, one of the groups has a turn being in charge (decorating the dining hall, creating song books, organizing activities etc.)
  • One of the staff’s families attends each Shabbos meal
  • A guest family (usually a Shliach or well-known lecturer) comes to farbreng and inspire over each dorm Shabbos

Erev Shabbos

  • 12:00 Classes end
  • Lunch in the dining hall
  • An additional light meal is served before Shabbos during the summer months

12:45 – Candle Lighting Time

  • Prepping for Shabbos
  • Phone calls home to say ‘Good Shabbos!’


Shabbos Night

  • Chassidic storytelling, Kabbalas Shabbos, and Maariv in the dining hall
  • Seudas Shabbos accompanied by the guest speaker’s Dvar Torah
  • There’s nothing like the special niggunim sung by our students on Shabbos!
  • During the winter, the meal is followed by a farbrengen
  • (No one is allowed off campus after the meal).
  • Lights out for 9th and 10th grades: 23:00

Shabbos Day

  • 9:00 Wake up*

*8:30 Wake up on Shabbos Mevorchim. Tehillim (& raffle with prizes) in the dining hall.

  • 9:20 Tea and cake in the dining hall
  • 9:30 Chassidus chavrusa in preparation for Shacharis
  • 10:15 Davening with the Minyan in the dining hall

13:00-14:45 Seudas Shabbos

14:45 Mincha

  • Rest time and group stroll
  • Library and game rooms are open
  • Summer Shabboses – Seuda Shlishis and farbrengen with the guest speaker

Havdalah in the Dining Hall

  • Rebbe video
  • Melave Malka in the dining hall
  • Prepping in the dorm for bedtime and new week