About Us

The School

Beit Chana is a middle and high school founded with the Rebbe’s bracha in 5737 (1977) with the objective of providing a proper Chassidishe education for the local Lubavitch community.

Throughout the years, Beit Chana has proven to be an outstanding educational institution for young women from Israel and around the world.

The Campus

The stunning campus is located on a hilltop of Mt. Canaan, and spreads over two and half acres of the Holy City of Tzfat. Beit Chana overlooks the pastoral Galilee horizon with views of the Kinneret and Meron.

The modern and attractive campus includes classrooms, a dorm building, dining hall, computer lab, auditoriums, athletic equipment, and coffee corners. The outdoor area is resplendent with fruit trees, flower beds and wide green lawns. The entire campus is secured by a guard as well as closed circuit cameras.

The Staff

Beit Chana excels in its individual attention granted upon each and every student. Every two grades has its very own principal and secretary.

In the aim to lead students along the most Chassidishe path – a warm and joyous one – staff is selected for their professionalism and broad experience.

Staff members are devoted Shluchos dedicated to the success of each of their students.

Excellent Chassidishe and Scholastic Standards & Warm, Devoted Staff of the Highest Caliber