Beit Chana

“Beit Chana”, named after the Rebbe’s mother, the Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, of blessed memory, was founded in 5737 with the Rebbe’s blessing and guidance.

It began as an educational solution for girls from Tzfat and the Galilee region. However, as time passed, it became an impressive learning project attracting students from all over the world.

Today, “Beit Chana” is a prominent and outstanding institution for Chabad girls from Israel and around the globe.

B'nos HaShluchim - Naale Program

The “B’nos HaShluchim” Program was established to provide a response to the growing need among the daughters of shluchim families for a proper Chassidic educational framework. The extensive experience of the professional Beis Chana staff, the attractive campus, and the Chabad community in Tzfat create optimal conditions for providing a first-rate Chassidic educational environment for the daughters of shluchim overseas.

 “Beit Chana” constructed an ulpan study program for those students who do not speak Hebrew. The program’s unique study format was designed to create a phased integration for these girls into the school.

To ensure the program’s high academic level, the applicants and their parents undergo a preliminary interview prior to the student’s acceptance. 

Naale Program

Naale is a program which allows youth from the Diaspora to attend High School in Israel and get a taste of life in the Holy Land.

Working in partnership with Beit Chana, Naale provides a professional and comprehensive educational and emotional framework. In order to facilitate students’ emotional and scholastic acclimation and success, Naale runs a thorough screening process which evaluates potential students’ readiness to leave home, as well as cognitive capabilities. The Israeli government and Jewish Agency subsidize tuition, room and board.

Naale recognizes the important work that Shluchim do around the world, and works to provide this special high school option for their daughters. Though having graduates make Aliya is a goal of Naale, it is also understood that many graduates will pursue Shlichus as their way of life – bringing Israel to the entire world, and the entire world to Israel.

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I just spent four days with my daughter in Tzfas. Four days of catching a glimpse of our daughters home away from home. It was an amazing experience! The individual, warm and loving attention that each and every girl receives is incomprehensible! Bassie and her entire staff are devoted beyond words! All I can say is Bassie and your staff, continued Hatzlacha and may you see the fruits of your labor!
Mrs. Aidelman
Vienna, Austria
I was very hesitant to sending my daughter. Naale is an amazing program with much going on. Learning is very enjoyable and on a good level. Very lebedik with interesting peulos for chassidishe yomim tovim. Very screened as far as accepting girls, that is why their standards are high and have an amazingly chassidish group. The personal care and concern for each individual is outstanding, both scholastic and inter-personal. Truly recommended for chassidishe young Shluchos.
Mrs. Gruzman
Vienna, Austia
Beit Chana-Naale treats every girl as an individual caring for their specific needs, making them feel very cared for in a beautiful way, all in a Chassidish environment! My heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to Bassie, Keren, all the teachers, staff and madrichot!
Mrs. Chein

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